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As the City of San Antonio’s population growth continues to rank 7th in the nation and 2nd in the State of Texas, the municipal government is constantly seeking ways to invest critical funding on infrastructure, services, operations and maintenance across the community. While we often see city-owned busses, solid waste management, public works, development services, electric and water utility, and law enforcement vehicle fleets, we rarely see where they are maintained, where their operators fuel up and are cycled in and out active fleets. Behind the scenes of our city streets, there are entire teams of personnel working each day to ensure that our recycling and trash gets collected on time, emergency response times stay low, and buses operate on a timely schedule. Among the dozens of priorities faced by municipalities each year, it is the ultimate goal to provide the best quality of life for its residents. Through the master planning process, the City of San Antonio City Council developed the concept for a Service Center Master Plan vision for FY 2020, which was enacted in July 2012 which consisted of consolidating the existing service centers throughout the City into one of four locations in each quadrant of the City. The plan also included the distribution of assets and personnel among the four quadrants to enable each one to maintain operations once construction was completed at each respective site. Prior to the Service Center Master Plan, various city departments involved with fleet operations and maintenance were utilizing spaces that were inadequate and undersized for operations. Through the new approach, each department would have its own buildings and the space required to perform operations more efficiently.

The City of San Antonio selected SpawGlass Contractors, Inc. to serve as the Prime Contractor to construct the project. As part of the SpawGlass Contractors team, Central Electric was subcontracted to provide electrical construction services for over seven miles of feeder cabling and over three miles of underground conduit throughout the property. Central Electric began its services on August 11, 2017 and performed 36,765 hours in the first phase of the project’s design and construction.

Electrical Scope of Work

Central Electric was subcontracted by SpawGlass Contractors Inc. to provide  electrical construction services including:

  • Mobilization

  • Branch Conduit and Boxes

  • Branch Wiring

  • Feeder Conduit

  • Feeder Wiring

  • Distribution/Gear Installation

  • Fixture Installation and Trim Out

  • Low Voltage Rough-In

  • Underground Site Work

  • Audio Visual

  • Access Control/Intrusion Detection

  • BIM Modeling and Coordination

Through Central Electric’s dedication to incorporate project management best practices in its approach, it was able to complete the project with zero safety incidents, no added days for the project’s duration and on budget. Furthermore, the City of San Antonio received the 2019 Texas American Public Works Association Project of the Year award in their category for the new Southeast Service Center. As the needs of the community continue to evolve over time, Central Electric is hoping to continue working with the City of San Antonio on further strategic planning and operational projects.

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