"From gas guzzlers to zero emissions, the path can be quick to oil independence."
-Guy Mannino, Founder and CEO of VERDEK

This is the ignition switch that CENTRAL ELECTRIC uses to extend EV infrastructure ownership. With cutting edge technology, VERDEK products have abilities to suit the needs of the dynamic customer, innovative employee and the 21st Century motorist.

The CT4000 Family engages EV drivers with an attractive LCD screen on unit, optimal for in-house or outside advertising; power sharing technology doubling efforts, and overhead retractable cords as preventatives for hazards or vandalism. Wall mount or bollard both optimally available.

Overhead charging solutions well suited for parking facilities. Retractable cords and automatic power cease when vehicle is fully charged adding peace of mind with EV driver convenience.

CENTRAL ELECTRIC encourages a visit to www.VERDEK.com for additional public and residential EVCS units and details.